The Bernard family has been making pure maple syrup since the early 1800s when their forefathers collected sap from the maple trees with hanging buckets, returned it to the sugar shack in horse-drawn wooden vats, and boiled it down to maple syrup in iron kettles that sat over an open fire.

Much has changed since those early colonial days, but the lessons learned about how to make premium quality maple syrup have been carefully preserved and diligently handed down through their family to be used by the present-day 5th generation of Bernard Master Sugar Makers.

The pure maple syrup they deliver to their valued customers is a deep source of pride to their family, whose very identity is closely linked to their 200-year-old tradition of making only the finest pure maple syrup.

At Bernard & Sons, five brothers, all raised and versed in the art of sugar making, not only own the company, but also oversee every aspect of daily operations.

As you all might know Pure maple syrup is a natural food. Composed mainly of sucrose, fructose, and glucose, the maple syrup is a source of minerals, with only two tablespoons providing about 5% of the daily recommended intake of calcium, 7% of iron, and 37% of zinc. The zinc in pure maple syrup is recognized as a factor in energy metabolism and tissue formation.

General F.A.Q’s

What are the ingredients of the maple syrup?

Maple Syrup is made only of 100% pure maple syrup which is the boiled down sap of the maple trees.

Why does the maple syrup have to be refrigerated?

Pure maple syrup must be refrigerated after the opening of the bottle as it does not contain any preservatives.

Is formaldehyde used in the processing of Bernard’s maple syrup?

No, they do not use formaldehyde in the processing of their pure maple syrup.

As part of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) safety program at their facility they also conduct random testing to detect the possible presence of formaldehyde in maple syrup. Since they have implemented this practice in 2000, they have never detected levels of formaldehyde in their pure maple syrup that were above the regulated levels.

In regards to formaldehyde, this substance was historically used in the industry but has been banned for several years. It is illegal for farmers to use this product and heavy financial penalties are in place to discourage its use.  Furthermore, given the importance of the maple syrup industry to Quebec, pure maple syrup production is closely monitored by several government agencies within their province. As part of their functions these Agencies are responsible for the random testing of syrup to detect the presence of formaldehyde.

We hope you enjoy Bernard’s Organic 100% Pure Maple Syrup as much as we enjoy bringing new products to your doorstep!