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NutriBucket Organic Multigrain Rice is made from Organic white and whole-grain rice, which is dry milled to preserve all its good nutrients. The Pasta obtained is naturally dried at low temperature under hygienic condition in the HACCP certified facility.
NutriBucket Organic Multigrain Rice Pasta contains benefits of natural vitamins, minerals and fibre from Multigrain Rice which is a gift from nature to our consumers.

At NutriBucket we provide you with nothing but the best. We are committed to bringing healthy, wholesome and nutritious products to our consumers from around the globe.

Thank you for choosing us!

The product comes in 4 variants i.e. Penne Shape, Fusilli Shape, Elbow Shape and Shell Shape.

Key Features & Benefits:

1) Organic
2) Gluten Free
3) Non- GMO Foods
4) No Cholesterol
5) No Salt
6) Wheat Free
7) Corn Free
8) Soy Free
9) Dairy Free
10) Egg Free
11) No Artificial Flavours, colors or preservatives
12) Suitable for Vegetarians, vegans and everyone


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